Importance Of Tyres

Tyres are as important today as they have ever been. It goes without saying they are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the ground.

The legal limit is a minimum of 1.6mm this would be a strong advise on an m.o.t. many manufacturers recommend/advise changing tyres at 3.0mm because 1.6mm in wet weather conditions takes an extra two cars lengths ( 8 metres ) to stop from 50mph than if your tread was at 3.0mm.

If your tyres are 5 years or older you should consider changing them, as unnoticeable weaknesses in tyre walls could cause blowouts.

Autonys Garage stock nineteen of the most common sizes of summer tyres and have three deliveries a day Monday to Friday and one delivery Saturday morning, please enquire for a competitive quote.


Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are not just for traction & grip in snow, at under 7degrees they are a lot better on ice and wet roads, plus your braking distance from 30mph is 8 metres better than a summer tyre (there’s a argument for fitting four tyres and not just two on the driving wheels)

Autonys Garage have three deliveries of winter and summer tyres each working day Monday to Friday and one on a Saturday.

Please enquire for a competitive quote.


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